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2e. PatchMap
2e. PatchMap

PatchMap Software

PatchMap is the most complete and easy to use Oilfield GPS map on the market. Although it has countless uses, it is primarily used to navigate to well sites and facilities. By using Garmin’s MapSource and Nroute (for PC’s) software, you can find well sites, facilities, and LSD’s by legal land location.

This allows you to use the best road data available in a format that you may already recognize. In addition to the roads, all the licensed well site, and township information that resides in the background wherever you go are included. Free LSD conversion is built right into the map. If you want to know which Section-Township-Range-Meridian that you are in, move the cursor to the side, and it is immediately displayed. Searching for well sites as destinations or ‘via’ points utilizes the built in search engine. Creating Waypoints of these destinations is either automatic for today’s usage or can be saved for longer term usage. Maps for the job file can be printed as can the turn-by-turn directions for the whole route.


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • NE British Columbia
  • Compatible with the Garmin nuvi series and the eTrex Legend HCx.

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    Price: 495.00 CAD$