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Product ID: MTR-01682
1. DrillMaster Auto Seed Rate Controller Console
1. DrillMaster Auto Seed Rate Controller Console

DrillMaster Auto Seed Rate Controller for Grain Drills by Micro-Trak

DrillMaster™ – 3-section grain drill seed rate controller. Maximize yields by consistently achieving target seed rate with smooth, stable, hydraulic drive. Eliminates erratic ground-wheel drive; no more adjusting chains and sprockets to change seed rate. Plant with assurance as DrillMaster monitors the seeding process – notifies you immediately if a drive chain breaks or comes off.

The DrillMaster is designed to drive a Proportional Flow Control Valve using a PWM output. The Valve controls the flow in 1 to 3 Hydraulic Motors so it can be used with 1 to 3 Section Grain Drills or Fertilizer Applicators. All Motors are in series so they all rotate at the same speed and apply the same amount of Seed or Fertilizer. Three toggle switches (top of Console) turn the Sections off, bypassing a Motor, so the RPM of the remaining motors do not change.

The DrillMaster operates as a “ground speed based controller” using seed flow (from 1 of the 3 Sections) and a speed sensor input to maintain a Target lbs/Acre of Seed as ground speed varies. An external Module is used to multiplex the Flow signal so a different Section is used when a section is turned off. Going to Hold, turning all Sections Off, or zero speed will stop auto control and will also stop the PWM Valve drive if “Auto Shut Off” is turned on (enabled). All Sections are automatically turned off if the Speed goes to zero while in Auto mode. Seed flow is measured indirectly by measuring the Seed Drive Shaft RPM instead of counting seed. It is assumed the Drill uses a one-point adjustable seed cup that is recognized as the most accurate and trouble free available for a wide variety of agricultural seeds. DrillMaster also provides an early warning when Seed bins are nearly empty by flashing a “FILL” message.

DrillMaster, for Maximum Seeding Performanc.

  • Control seed rate on the Go
  • Plant with assurance and maximize yields by consistently achieving target seed rate with hydraulic control
  • No more adjusting chains and sprockets to change seed rate
  • Simple to operate: test pre-field, and take right into the fields
  • Variable Rate / Data Logging capabilities
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